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Advanced Handgun Deployment with Matt Jacques
Course Description
Carrying a concealed handgun is both a daily commitment and a daily responsibility. It is your duty as a law-abiding US citizen to lead by example. This is achieved by ongoing actual training and education. All handgun presentations will come from a concealed holster, mimicking real-life scenarios, such as being at the grocery store. This two day course will cover methods of concealment, carry positions and applicability, off-body considerations, safety & fundamentals, presentation from concealment, both Combat & Tactical reloads, clearing malfunctions, timed speed and accuracy and stress inducing drills

Required Equipment
Eye & ear protection, (electronic ear pro is preferred), baseball cap, very sturdy pistol belt, production handgun, double magazine carrier, 4 high capacity pistol mags MINIMUM (8 for 1911 users), cover garment such as a button down shirt, sweatshirt or jacket, 800 rounds of factory ammunition, concealment holster. **HOLSTER NOTE** the following items will not be permitted: SERPA holsters, shoulder rigs, old leather pancake style or inside the waistband holsters that do not retain their opening when the handgun is removed, the use of a support hand when holstering is also not permitted

Handgun Deployment

Cancellation Policy
By purchasing this course, you are agreeing to the Cancellation Policy: All courses are non-refundable. With minimum ADVANCED notice of 48 hours, one course reschedule will be permitted for another future course date.  Students must be present for the duration of the course.  Please arrive promptly to keep the class on schedule. If you have any questions, please email Reese at